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LEED Certification




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DGNB®, LEED® and BREEAM® are the most popular green building rating systems. These are globally recognized tools for assessing sustainable construction, focusing on the three most important aspects: the environment, the cost-effectiveness of the project and the users of the facilities.
New or existing office, commercial, industrial, residential and public buildings can be certified.

The benefits of sustainable construction:

  • Economic benefits (lower costs of utilities consumption, lower sickness absence, higher profitability of the company and employee efficiency)
  • Low energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Securing water resources
  • Reduction of waste production (segregation, reuse and recycling)
  • Preserving green space
  • Building resilience to climate change
  • Increasing the user's comfort, taking care of his health
  • Reduction of all kinds of pollution


As part of the DGNB® / LEED® / BREEAM® certification, we offer you:

  • Customer support in choosing the location of the investment, projects, taking into account the business profile, demand and certification requirements;
  • Preparation of the initial assessment - on its basis, the client will have information whether the building is suitable for certification, and if so, at what level, we also determine the initial costs of the certification itself;
  • Active participation of LEED Accredited Professional (AP) / BREEAM International Assessor (IA) / DGNB Consultant in the entire certification process - giving opinions on projects during their development, implementation of sustainable construction solutions, control over the schedule, sending documentation, proper assignment of those responsible for individual scopes of works and ensuring the correctness and timeliness of performance;
  • Verification of the documentation prepared by designers and contractors in terms of meeting the certification requirements;
  • Conducting training on the principles of certification for the project team, customer representatives, and contractors;
  • Project registration service on the DGNB on-line / LEED on-line / BREEAM on-line platform with account administration;
  • Assisting building supervision inspectors upon commissioning (preparation of documents in accordance with DGNB®, LEED® and BREEAM® standards);
  • Implementation of energy models (Energy Modeling);
  • Performing a computer simulation of daylight (Daylight Simulation);
  • Performing the function of BREEAM Accredited Professional (AP)
  • Development of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)
  • Advisory assistance in selecting the optimal options, measures and scope of activities to achieve the assumed level of assessment, and providing guidance on how to direct the remaining activities (tender specifications, organization of construction, search for building materials) in order to obtain a satisfactory number of points;
  • Visits to the construction site to prepare photographic documentation and to confirm the implementation subject to assessment by the Assessor;
  • Obtaining and delivering the certificate to the Client.


LEED® Certification


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LEED®, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is an American building rating system developed by the USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council). This system was created based on the American ASHRAE standard and is constantly updated to meet the latest requirements on the construction market. During the LEED® certification process, all factors of sustainable construction are taken into account, not only the building itself, but also the area for future investment, location, media consumption (energy, water), the use of building materials, as well as care for outdoor areas. In order to receive the LEED® certificate, which proves the contribution to environmental protection and increases the prestige of the investment, individual criteria must be met.


Buildings can obtain LEED® certification at one of the following levels:






Our team includes LEED AP BD + C (Accredited Professionals Building Design + Construction) and LEED GA (Green Associate) specialists, whose experience, knowledge of systems, commitment and fluent knowledge of English will allow you to obtain the required level of certification.


BREEAM® Certification


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BREEAM®, or Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology, is a British certification system. The basis of the system are European and British standards. Similar to LEED®, it is a multi-criteria building quality assessment system that is also of great importance in Europe. It is widely used by investors, developers and tenants. BREEAM® is characterized by the fact that it pays attention to many factors influencing the efficient use of a building, but does not forget about aspects of the external environment. An important role in this system is played by: energy and water efficiency, accessibility to the building by both motorized and pedestrian users, materials from which the investment will be made, construction and building management, the quality of the internal environment, ecology, as well as conscious waste management. The BREEAM® certificate is awarded by BRE (Building Research Establishment). The cooperation between the investor or tenants and BRE takes place through a licensed BREEAM International Assessor.


Buildings can receive a BREEAM® certificate at one of the following levels:

BREEAM poziomy certyfikatów

Our team certifies in the following systems:

  • BREEAM International In-Use
  • BREEAM International New Construction
  • BREEAM International Refurbishment and Fit-out

We have specialists with BREEAM International Assessor licenses in the field of: New Construction, In-Use and Refurbishment & Fit-out, as well as BREEAM Accredited Professional licenses


DGNB® Certification

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The DGNB® multi-criteria evaluation system was developed in 2008 by the German Green Building Association "Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V - DGNB®" and is internationally recognized as a global benchmark for sustainable development due to the transparency of the criteria and their degree of advancement.

The system is based on international requirements adapted to local conditions - depending on the location of the facility, it takes into account local standards and legal regulations. In close consultation with national sustainable construction organizations, DGNB® published in 2020 a new version of the certification system in which international standards are almost exclusively used for assessment.

The requirements are based on three key areas of sustainable development: ecology, project economy and socio-cultural issues, each has the same weight in the assessment - 22.5%. The other assessed areas are location, technical quality, and management procedures applied.

The DGNB® system is characterized by an exceptionally holistic approach. The certification process places great emphasis on the life cycle analysis of a facility and evaluates its overall performance, taking into account the various aspects of sustainability that influence each other.

DGNB® certification can be obtained at the following levels:

  • Platinum ( > 80% )
  • Gold ( 50 – 65 % )
  • Silver ( 35 – 50 % )
  • Bronze ( > 35%)

DGNB poziomy certyfikatów

Our team currently includes two people with the DGNB Consultant title, who with their fluent knowledge of English and knowledge of systems and principles of sustainable development support all certification participants to achieve the goal set at the beginning.



Realizations: LEED/BREEAM Certification

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