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Project Management

This service supports clients in their investment process in terms of legal and technical aspects and also, planning and monitoring a budget and a project time schedule. We provide our clients with a highly experienced, multidisciplinary team of experts which includes project managers, multidisciplinary supervisors, coordinators of tenants’ construction works, site managers, cost controllers and also, project administrators and construction engineers, depending on a character of a project.

The scope of the service includes:

  • expressing an opinion and verification of a building permit design / executive design, finding solutions which generate unjustified costs and presenting alternatives for limiting these costs,
  • preparing a preliminary cost estimation based on a building permit design,
  • preparing a detailed cost valuation based on an executive design,
  • preparing and organizing a tender process for a general contractor or individual contractors depending on specified works,
  • preparing a tender procedure with materials included, in compliance with all guidelines from a client,
  • comparing and verifying correctness of estimated costs of construction works, analyzing offers, preparing a draft of an agreement with a general contractor,
  • negotiating with candidates for a general contractor or individual contractors of specified works,
  • providing financial control and technical supervision at each stage of execution of construction works,
  • representing an investor on a construction site – notifying an investor about commencement of construction works, participants of a construction process and also, obtaining obligatory documents, statements and permits,
  • monitoring validity and costs with regard to additional construction works and deadlines for their completion,
  • maintaining multidisciplinary technical quality control of construction works,
  • participating in a commissioning procedure,
  • accepting and verifying as-built documentation,
  • preparing final settlements of a project;
  • monitoring and removing defects within a warranty period, participating in yearly inspections, supervising removal of any defects which may be found during inspections.


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