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Technical Due Diligence

This offer is addressed to potential buyers, tenants and entities financing real estates. A document prepared by our company shows in details an actual status and condition of a property (a building, plot) and indicates potential problems which a client may have in connection with a real estate. This report defines suitability of a building for its intended purposes and allows to define future costs of adapting a building and its use. It is an excellent tool for negotiating sale prices and risk sharing.

As part of this service, our company offers the following:

  • providing an analysis of a building, a building structure or an investment with regard to formal and legal aspects,
  • providing an analysis of documentation of a building such as a building permit, executive and as-built documentation
  • conducting inspection together with verifying a technical condition of a building,
  • analyzing an investment location in terms of landscaping – a possibility of expansion or conversion, communication network, zoning allocation,
  • analyzing availability of utilities within a plot of land where a property is/ will be located,
  • verifying quality and suitability of land for a planned property.

Technical consulting service

Our company, on the basis of many years of experience of our engineers, offers professional technical consulting services in many areas within the construction sector.
Optimizing costs and a schedule during verification of documents received from a client and simultaneously identifying areas generating unjustified or excessive costs and wasting time allow our company to present alternative solutions.

  • representing a tenant within a process of preparing documents needed for lease agreements with regard to costs and technical aspects;
  • providing an analysis of suitability or possibility of adapting a leased area to requirements of a client
  • verifying technical documents prepared by a lessee or a landlord in the form of technical attachments to a lease agreement;
  • verifying building permits, executive, tender and as-built documentation in terms of its correctness, completeness and meeting a budget plan expected by a client;
  • carrying out feasibility studies of investments with minimizing costs and duration of execution of works
  • providing support and counselling on administrative procedures connected with obtaining building permits and use permits.

Providing support during commissioning of a dwelling unit /an apartment from a developer

This offer is addressed to individuals who have decided to buy a dwelling unit /an apartment from a developer and need technical support to assess a technical condition of a place before buying or its commissioning. Our company checks everything in terms of formal, legal and technical aspects so that using a newly purchased place can begin easily and without unnecessary complications.


Realizations: Technical Due Diligence


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